Monday, March 03, 2008

Yes, Yes...F1 season is back and so are the F1 parties

So here we go. Formula One Race season is back and as usual, so are the F1 parties and events that just cannot part with it. It's just one of those occasions where advertisers and sponsors do the same old stuff each time we near race season (yawn!). Oh how i yearn for something new.

Anyway, let's see what's EXCITING this time round in Malaysia as we welcome the whole entourage of pit crew, drivers, engineers, etc. to Sepang come March 23, 2008.

Johnnie Walker - Black Circuit Paddock Party (22.03.08) for Team McLaren
RM40 @ Zouk KL featuring Dj Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire
p.s. cool site

Toyota Speedzone Tour 08 (22.03.08) for Team Toyota
RM33 @ KL Tower featuring Mauro Picotto, Matt Hardwick, Jon Carter, Gianluca Fucile and Joey G

BMW Pit Lounge (19.03.08) for Team BMW Sauber
All I gather is that they've got a demo at Jalan Bijai, KL, a DJ from new York, and a meet-and greet session with the drivers. Their site wasn't informative enough. It just put me off.

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