Monday, July 31, 2006

The Return of the Dog

DMX returns with his 6th album, Year of the Dog...Again (due August 2006). 3 years since his last solo album, DMX is set to bring a more focused rap prophetic vision with singles like Lord Give Me A Sign, We In Here, and Give 'Em What They Want.

There was a delay in the album release due to a leak. Album leaks are getting viral these days, even Paris Hilton's singles were leaked several times before Stars are Blind became her single. Anyway, back to the Dog. We can expect some blistering hip hop numbers on this one. It's powerful, punchy and back to rap's roots. What else can you expect from a man that's the only artist to have the first 5 albums debut consecutively at #1 on the Billboard 200?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hammer Me Timbers!

So he did it huh? The scary kid when screaming, Marty Casey managed to gain fame even after being placed only second in the INXS search. Let's just see now if Marty can lead the Lovehammers ahead of JD Fortune and INXS. I wouldn't be surprised, hearing how Marty Casey & The Lovehammers's second album (this ain't their first people) is so juiced with energy compared to INXS's Switch (no offense guys I still like your music).

First single - Trees. Simple lyrics, grungy, great sing along. More grungy works can be heard on Straight as an Arrow. My personal favourite so far is Rain on Brain. Now this number has got that modern rock touch to it.

All in all, a good noisy album. I only wished they put in more guitar works that just pure grungy riffs. My rating's 7/10. Out now from Epic Records. For more on the band check out:

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

John Mayer - All Blue-zy this September

John Mayer fans, be prepared for a bluesy album titled Continuum this September 12. He's had some time off, so this album had better be good. What was he doing for the past 2 years or so? Touring, touring, and more touring with Sheryl Crow and also his 'project-X': John Mayer Trio.

Continuum's first single, Waiting on the World to Change is already being embraced by airwaves all over. The track arrested me with its boppy tune. To be honest, great music, but I'm just not too sure if his soft vocals suit this whole new bluesy outfit. Well, we're yet too know...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Breaking the Norm of Taiwanese Music - Deep White

Alright. Here's my first ever Chinese music review. I was simply impressed when I heard a few tracks from this duo - DEEP WHITE ( 深白色 and 端妤 (主唱) ) otherwise known as Arys Chien & DY). Impressed simply because the musical arrangements were all done so nicely. And bear in mind that this is their first ever album and from the sounds of it, they planned it really well.

Moving along to what you will be listening to... I am confident to say that their self-titled album brings a fresh branding towards Taiwanese music. The track which stopped me at my tracks were the upbeat ones, namely, Nothing Wrong and That is Me - great guitars, sexy vocals, great beat. Then there are tracks that are accompanied by beautiful piano sounds like the one you'll find in I'm Cryin - I may not fully understand every chinese word there, but her sweet vocals just express it all in a way. And one more notable track is That Person (那個人).

We don't hear Arys on vocals much. Guess he's just one of those powerful but quite ones. After all, he has been writing songs for other artistes for quite some time. As for DY, I like her voice - unique & passionate. They're a perfect combo. Oh, and before I forget, this whole record was done by the both of them. Hats off to DEEP WHITE.