Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Even Angels Could Hear Them

Alright, so my review on this might be a little late. But as soon as I saw and listened to Angels and Airwaves on MTV, I was awestruck, and I'm definitely getting their debut album, WE DON'T NEED TO WHISPER (out 23 May 2006).

Tom and the boys have definitely brought alternative rock on to an epical journey with this fine offering. Their first single, The Adventure is already becoming a new anthem on the airwaves this year. It's a dreamy track racked with the energetic unison of riffs, beats, and lyrics that go "...and here we go life's waiting to begin...".
Followers of Tom DeLonge's previous side project, Box Car Racer would be pleased to know that The War has somewhat almost that similar kind of musicality. With raunchy guitars and quiet bars here and there.

This awesome foursome definitely have what it takes to step things up in the alternative scene. From the 3 tracks I've listened from, I give this album a 6.5/10.
Band members:
Vocals, Guitars-Tom DeLonge (former bands: Blink 182, Box Car Racer)
Guitars-David Kennedy (former band: Box Car Racer)
Bassist-Ryan Sinn (former band: The Distillers)
Drummer-Atom Willard (former bands: Rocket from the Crypt, The Offspring)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

17 and Genuine

Uprising singer/songwriter Dave Mellilo hails from a place not too far from Disneyland. Though, his new EP, TALK IS CHEAP goes nowhere near 'playful'. His songs show individuality of a spirited youth, and Knights of the Island Counter does just that as you feel each guitar strum and piano key dance with a beat that varies from time to time.

My personal fav would be track 3 - This is 2005. It's got a catchy hook due to beautiful piano orchestration that gels so well with his lyrics (about self discover perhaps). Not too say the rest of the tracks are bad or anything, but there's really nothing special about them.

But the track 3 & 4 has got what it takes to hit the charts (top 30 at least?). Out in CD on June 13, 2006. If you like the sounds of Teddy Geiger, then you'd like his offering.

This gets 5/10 in my books.

Track Listing:
1. Sam's Song
2. Vatican Roulette
3. Knights of the Island Counter
4. This is 2005
5. Morris County Blues
6. For the Sake of Remembering

Hot Holly hits music stores June 6, 2006

You’ve heard her nightingale vocals on Fort Minor’s second single – Where’d You Go. Now, Holly Brook is out to prove that she’s not just a featured vocalist in someone else’s hit song.

Her debut album, LIKE BLOOD LIKE HONEY boasts melodic masterpieces with some sort of silent angst and a sense of renewal, all blended in perfectly well with her hypnotising vocals. Imagine Fiona Apple doing a duet with Sarah MacLachlan. Beauty isn’t it? Well, well, I honestly don’t know if she’ll be a one hit wonder or not? But with Linkin Park’s label, Machine Shop’s Recordings, I think she’ll be touring across the globe a couple of times.

Expect the pianos, slow jazzy beats here and there, and mellow tunes wrapped with a creeping energy. I could sense all that rushing in me as I close my eyes especially listening to Curious (I expect this to be the first single). It lyrically touched me and musically, it advocated my sense of seeking answers.

Heavy had me feel every ounce of her musicality. It takes you on a real ride with wonderful works on the piano with her passionate voice. Another track to look out for would be Wanted which I’d definitely want playing on my car stereo as I drive late at night. It’ll suit the ambience just right. It’s the kind of song that gets you thinking and reminiscing about certain moments.

All other tracks featured in this brilliantly produced album would get you right at the spot with a silent energy. She’s absolutely talented, a gorgeous red head, and definitely worth the attention.

Album hit stores 6 June, 2006. Holly Brook gets 8/10 on my list.

Track Listing:
1. Curious
2. Wanted
3. What I Wouldn't Give
4. Saturdays
5. Heavy
6. Is it Love