Friday, March 21, 2008

My night with the stars of Sunburst (Part 2)

Well, it wasn't really just MY night with the stars. It was probably shared with around 15,000 music fans. 15th March 2008 at Sunburst Music Festival will probably be memorable to many. I know mine was, not only because I had the wonderful company of my friends, but also had a Paparazzi Pass that allowed me to get closer to the stages. And adding more exclusivity to my night, I had a meet and greet with Incubus right before they performed. Now, I'm no groupie but I wouldn't pass off an opportunity like that!

Now...the performances... Incubus was excellent although I did feel that this would be their last performance in Malaysia ever. Why? He went from shirt to singlet, and singlet to topless. Now, now...Malaysia doesn't allow that! I'm pretty sure, the oganisers got that message across to them right? So, I'm thinking they probably just don't give a f**k anymore here. Despite the fact that the entire Sunburst schedule was delayed and they sure didn't look all bright and sunny at the press con right before their performance. I love these guys...but if this really was the case...shame on us for making our guests feel how they did.

Nonetheless, John Legend was a good performance - he grabbed someone up on stage, thankfully without a boner this time. From the local platter, Reza Salleh put on a wonderful performance, introducing himself several times to the crowd (Reza, we know you by now!). Che'nelle ... well... I'm no big fan...but she sings so close like she does on record, one would question if she lip syncs. Meet Uncle Hussein was a crowd pleaser to some, with Era FM announcers giving away free t-shirts right before the performance.

Off stage, I'd say the ambiance was great. The setup of the Tuborg beer garden, the fire juggling performances, and the food by Planet Hollywood, it was all good work.

A shoutout to the horsies who put up with the noise - Thank You!

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