Friday, March 14, 2008

Sunburst KL 08 - The Fun Starts Tomorrow!

Just one more day people! For probably the biggest music festival to actually happen on our soil. Hope all goes well with the weather tomorrow, but I doubt even a little rain would ruin fact, it'll just make the mosh-pit even more exciting yeah? I wonder though, if there'll be "discounted drinks" from Tuborg (I know I might be sidetracking a little here, but the new tuborg...definitely better than a Heini anytime). Anyways, with all this artists coming down, I'm sure the media people would have loads to write about assuming they have backstage passes (So cool wan!).

Oh yeah most importantly, here's an updated copy of the Sunburst Music Festival KL 2008 schedule. Pick when to come see your artists or better yet, just be there from the start till the end... bring a mat, an umbrella, an extra t-shirt, friends and have a fun time.

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