Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My night with the stars of Sunburst (Part 1)

Fantastic! Even before the event, it was FANtastic (pun intended). I was privileged to have Tuborg invite me to a pre-event-closed-door party with the artists of Sunburst, a night before the event at the Ritz Carlton KL. It was a little cocktail party for invited guests to meet and greet local celebs and the Sunburst artists, as well as have a sneak peek of what would be in store for us the next day at the music festival itself.

I was so eager to meet Incubus but sadly, only managed to see Dj Chris Killmore and not the rest of the band. George Clinton was recognisable through his cool braids. John Legend was there for a bit (he's not as tall as I expected him to be).

But that night really made me realise that in this time and generation, the Malaysian music scene really has the potential. Two names i give you now, to look out for in the coming years - Reza Salleh and Yuna.

Reza Salleh is no stranger to the local music scene, thanks to his contribution to Laundry Bar's Moonshine music show. But who interests me the most is Yuna. She has sounds so very similar to Corrine Bailey Rae + Frente. I might be setting high expectations here, but this is really one talent to look out for. I had a few minutes with her to find out about her future plans. Sadly, she's not looking to be recording anytime soon due to studies. go check out Yuna's myspace.

All in all, it was a good start for the event of the year and most definitely a memorable experience for me. Here's a shoutout to Siao Ling and Chui Hoon for making all this happen.

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