Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Get Facebooked by R.E.M's new album

We've seen Radiohead revolutionize the ways of launching and sharing its last album. Now, even local band Butterfingers are going digital with their upcoming album, probably to cut a whole lot of cost on CD printing/packaging and distributionship costs.

Gone are the days of traditional radio premieres of an album release. And look whose next to jump on the bandwagon...R.E.M.

Their new album, Accelerate will be officially launched April 1, 2008 but before that, would actually debut on social networking sites with the iLike application (yes, that includes Facebook). Facebook members will be able to stream and share the album beginning March 24 people! So jot that down on your post-it notes folks. You'll also gain access to exclusive footage of the band talking about their album.

So, watch out for this legendary band's 14th album.

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