Thursday, August 24, 2006

Still Fantasy. Still King of Mando-pop.

Right. Right. He's back with his 6th, 7th album? 7th full-album I think. Yes, yes. Titled Still Fantasy, it'll be released on 8 September 2006. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever get sick of his stuff. I mean you gotta admit it's all sappy love songs....but damn man he's a talented lyricist.

The significance of this album would be him teaming up with veteran Taiwanese singer, Fei Yu Ching (the dude who sang "The Song of the Republic of China"). I saw Fei on TV just a couple of days ago. He had this show where he performed a few numbers with many Chinese singers. Man, he can sing...a very technical singer from what I've heard. Both music giants will portay their talents in probably the first single of the album, A Thousand Miles Away (Qian Li Zhi Wai) which was premiered on August 23.

Well, I guess as always, the album's gonna be a hit. So keep a lookout!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Panic Channel

Right. Just in case you didn't know...this outfit consists of 3 Jane's Addicton members and a fresh talent who used to be in Skycycle. Drumroll please..... Presentingggg Dave Navarro(guitar), Chris Chaney(bass), Stephen Perkins(drums), and Steve Isaacs!

The Panic Channel's debut album, (ONe) is out in stores now. It's said to be packed with variety of styles...and probably away from the experimental touch. Well, maybe a pinch of it, I feel.

Two singles out, one for the radio: Why Cry and one for the beloved internet: Teahouse of the Spirits. The latter being a more edgy track and sounding like a real race car song! Why Cry is my current favourite. It's ballad like. Vocally, dynamic. A similar number to that would be She Won't Last. I love the guitar works on this one. It's mesmerizing.

This here, ladies and a fantastic rock band. Diverse. Dynamic and spirited to rock on! Click on their banner to visit their very very informative site.

My album rating: 6/10

Monday, August 14, 2006

Leigh Nash out with debut album - Aug 15

The pretty face from Sixpence None the Richer finally gets a go at a solo debut album titled Blue on Blue this August 15. Leigh Nash is set to present her admirable voice with divine melodies. I’ve already listened to a couple of tracks from the album and, I’ve just got one word…"Beautiful!".

The album's got loads of piano and the tracks tend to be mellow. Good CD to be playing with candles lit and wine a when you’re all alone at home thinking or whatever. Lyrics were well written and with Pierre Marchand (worked with Sarah McLachlan) producing the album, it’s just gotta be one of those great ones.

Just a Little has that dreamy feel to it with the organs playing, sounding almost like a church hymn. It gets a bit boring after a while though.

Cloud Nine is a little more upbeat accompanied by piano. The good hook to the song makes it a sing-a-long.

My personal favourite is Blue, probably because of the bursting guitars and haunting melody of Leigh’s angelic voice.

Watch out for her first single which is already playing in US airwaves – My Idea of Heaven.

Album rating: 7/10

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Nan Quan Ma Ma has got a colourful palette

OK! I've got another chinese music review. I'm kinda getting the hang of this.

So, here's a quartet fronted by female vocalist Lara (who is also a composer by the way) and backed by 3 talented dudes, Devon (drummer/DJ/Rapper), Yu Hao (Pianist/Rapper), and Zhang Jie (Guitarist). Their latest masterpice, Colour Palette was launched a couple of weeks ago and from what I've listened, it's not too bad. For those who love the sounds of Jay Chou, we'll you gotta get a hold of this album. Most of the tracks you hear are somehwat sinilar to Jay's style. After all, they are buddies of him and have been definitely influenced by Jay.

Track 2 on the album sounded like a Mayday/Jay Chou number. It's got a nice rythm to it. But my guess is, the hit will be Track 5 - it's mellow, dreamy, it's pleasant and easy. Among my other favourites are Track 7 & 12. However, don't expect any 'pick-me-up' tracks. They should've at least had one. Tsk Tsk.