Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Flyleaf makes beautiful rock

Flyleaf is one outfit that rocks my world! They're loud, a pinch dark, melodious, and raw. Headed by rock chick Lacey Mosley, she delivers songs that carry a positive message although it's musically brought across as heavy. Medium-to-heavey actually. So, to all you pop people out there...rock is not always about death!

Flyleaf's self titled debut album echoes songs about abuse, neglect, addiction and dysfunction, and messages about overcoming adversity. Take f or example the lyrics from Fully Alive:

Telling layla's story spoken,
About how all her bones are broken,
hammers fall on all the peices,
two months in the cover creases,

Fully alive, more than most
ready to smile and love life.
Fully alive and she knows,
How to believe in futures.

What does 'flyleaf' actually mean? A flyleaf is ablank page at the front of a book. It's a dedication page, the place you write a message to someone you're giving a book to. According to Mosley, that's what their songs are about - a personal message that provide a few moments of clarity before the story begins.

Great album folks!
My rating: 7/10

Friday, November 10, 2006

Scarlett Johansson to sing?

That’s right! Yet another film star is having a go at musical stardom. Is it so easy these days? We've seen Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, and *gulp* David Hasslehoff! Now Scarlett? I mean, a basketballer can’t actually be good in baseball can he? There’s no offence to you MJ.

But anyway, Scarlett Johansson is already said to be working on her debut album, Scarlett Sings Tom Waits. Yes, the singer-songwriter Tom Waits who’s responsible for the hit, Ole '55 which the Eagles covered So, little miss beautiful intends to do a cover album of Tom Waits. It’s not gonna be easy, gal! But if she does cut it, she might as well be the perfect celebrity who can sing, act and seduce the fans!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Incubus' 5th Studio Album - 28 November, 2006

Brandon Boyd and the boys have always gained good praises for their sense of alternative rock. I was so delighted to hear that Incubus are at it again with their latest release, Light Grenades, due 28 November.

They've had 3 years of absence and I'll be expecting a whole damn lotta adrenaline rushing songs from them.

Guitarist, Mike Einziger said in an interview with MTV, " sounds like 13 different bands playing 13 different songs."

Alright, to some fans, that may sound like a dissapointment. But come on, maybe they won't be way too experimental. They've done so well with the freedom the fans have given them. Their first single, Anna Molly sounds damn good. The music video is even better (it should be playing on the right side of the main page).

Don't forget the grab the album!!!

Track Listing:
1. Quicksand
2. Kiss to Send Us Off
3. Dig
4. Anna Molly
5. Love Hurts
6. Light Grenades
7. Earth to Bella (Part I)
8. Oil and Water
9. Diamonds and Coal
10. Rogues
11. Paper Shoes
12. Pendulous Threads
13. Earth to Bella (Part II)

CRANK - the motion picture soundtrack

To those of you who have watched this bloody awesome movie, you'll be dissapointed to know that the soundtrack doesn't live up to the movie's praises.

Song list:
Metal Health - Quiet RiotTrix are for Kids - The CrowdBandera - Control MacheteNew Noise - RefusedChina Town - Paul HaslingerKill all the White Man - NoFXEverybody's Talkin' - Harry NilssonTurn Me Loose - LoverboyHaitian Cab Ride - Paul HaslingerAchy Breaky Heart - Jarrett & Long • Adrenalina - David RolasBring us Bullets - Rocket from the CryptLet's Get it On - Gerald LevertDoes She Know? - Paul HaslingerStayin' Alive - The SleepingMeva Juan - Roberto Tuscon feat Erica GarciaGuasa, Guasa - Tego CalderonMiracles - Jefferson Starship

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fish Leong - Kissin the Future of Love

I would say that Fish's new album, Kissing the Future of Love (親親) is what you should be listening to on an easy weekend. Some of the tracks are ‘cute’. The marriage of guitar-violin works and her sweet vocals are perfect. The whole album gives me a feeling of bedroom-made songs. It's like 'dreamy' in a sense. Oh, and there’s a Hokkien track to! Good stuff. Out in stores now.

My favourite tracks are Nuan Nuan" (暖暖), Xing Fu Yang Guo Zi Dian" (幸福洋菓子店), and Fei Yu" (飛魚).

My Rating: 6/10

Track Listing:
•Si Ji" (四季)
•Nuan Nuan" (暖暖)
•Ke Le Jie Zhi" (可乐戒指)
•Shi Yi" (失忆)
•Qin Qin" (亲亲)
•Xing Fu Yang Guo Zi Dian" (幸福洋菓子店)
•Xiao Shou La Da Shou" (小手拉大手)
•Fei Yu" (飛魚)
•Bu Shi Wo Bu Ming Bai" (不是我不明白)
•Xiao Xin Yan" (小心眼)
•Han Guo Tou" (憨过头)
•Xu" (序)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ryan Star to perform in Kuala Lumpur

Wo Wo Wo Wo. Ryan 'The Darkhorse' Star rides down to KL, Malaysia this November 16, 2006 with his swordlike vocals. The man who rocked the socks out of Supernova is set to rock its Malaysian fans at Zouk. Pretty small scale huh? I expect to see loads of chicks flocking over to catch a glimpse of dear Ryan.

Will keep you guys posted on ticketing.