Friday, March 28, 2008

Earth Hour - What are you doing about it?

Right on! Earth Hour is tomorrow, and what are you gonna do to help make a point that Global Warming is a serious issue? For me, I'm planning to shut of the lights and play Sound of Silence on my guitar. And I will not smoke for an hour.

I guess the song suits the moment...a moment when each one of us, strangers to each other, across borders are united for a sole cause. A moment, for just one hour, actually making a huge impact just by doing nothing.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My night with the stars of Sunburst (Part 2)

Well, it wasn't really just MY night with the stars. It was probably shared with around 15,000 music fans. 15th March 2008 at Sunburst Music Festival will probably be memorable to many. I know mine was, not only because I had the wonderful company of my friends, but also had a Paparazzi Pass that allowed me to get closer to the stages. And adding more exclusivity to my night, I had a meet and greet with Incubus right before they performed. Now, I'm no groupie but I wouldn't pass off an opportunity like that!

Now...the performances... Incubus was excellent although I did feel that this would be their last performance in Malaysia ever. Why? He went from shirt to singlet, and singlet to topless. Now, now...Malaysia doesn't allow that! I'm pretty sure, the oganisers got that message across to them right? So, I'm thinking they probably just don't give a f**k anymore here. Despite the fact that the entire Sunburst schedule was delayed and they sure didn't look all bright and sunny at the press con right before their performance. I love these guys...but if this really was the case...shame on us for making our guests feel how they did.

Nonetheless, John Legend was a good performance - he grabbed someone up on stage, thankfully without a boner this time. From the local platter, Reza Salleh put on a wonderful performance, introducing himself several times to the crowd (Reza, we know you by now!). Che'nelle ... well... I'm no big fan...but she sings so close like she does on record, one would question if she lip syncs. Meet Uncle Hussein was a crowd pleaser to some, with Era FM announcers giving away free t-shirts right before the performance.

Off stage, I'd say the ambiance was great. The setup of the Tuborg beer garden, the fire juggling performances, and the food by Planet Hollywood, it was all good work.

A shoutout to the horsies who put up with the noise - Thank You!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My night with the stars of Sunburst (Part 1)

Fantastic! Even before the event, it was FANtastic (pun intended). I was privileged to have Tuborg invite me to a pre-event-closed-door party with the artists of Sunburst, a night before the event at the Ritz Carlton KL. It was a little cocktail party for invited guests to meet and greet local celebs and the Sunburst artists, as well as have a sneak peek of what would be in store for us the next day at the music festival itself.

I was so eager to meet Incubus but sadly, only managed to see Dj Chris Killmore and not the rest of the band. George Clinton was recognisable through his cool braids. John Legend was there for a bit (he's not as tall as I expected him to be).

But that night really made me realise that in this time and generation, the Malaysian music scene really has the potential. Two names i give you now, to look out for in the coming years - Reza Salleh and Yuna.

Reza Salleh is no stranger to the local music scene, thanks to his contribution to Laundry Bar's Moonshine music show. But who interests me the most is Yuna. She has sounds so very similar to Corrine Bailey Rae + Frente. I might be setting high expectations here, but this is really one talent to look out for. I had a few minutes with her to find out about her future plans. Sadly, she's not looking to be recording anytime soon due to studies. go check out Yuna's myspace.

All in all, it was a good start for the event of the year and most definitely a memorable experience for me. Here's a shoutout to Siao Ling and Chui Hoon for making all this happen.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sunburst KL 08 - The Fun Starts Tomorrow!

Just one more day people! For probably the biggest music festival to actually happen on our soil. Hope all goes well with the weather tomorrow, but I doubt even a little rain would ruin fact, it'll just make the mosh-pit even more exciting yeah? I wonder though, if there'll be "discounted drinks" from Tuborg (I know I might be sidetracking a little here, but the new tuborg...definitely better than a Heini anytime). Anyways, with all this artists coming down, I'm sure the media people would have loads to write about assuming they have backstage passes (So cool wan!).

Oh yeah most importantly, here's an updated copy of the Sunburst Music Festival KL 2008 schedule. Pick when to come see your artists or better yet, just be there from the start till the end... bring a mat, an umbrella, an extra t-shirt, friends and have a fun time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Get Facebooked by R.E.M's new album

We've seen Radiohead revolutionize the ways of launching and sharing its last album. Now, even local band Butterfingers are going digital with their upcoming album, probably to cut a whole lot of cost on CD printing/packaging and distributionship costs.

Gone are the days of traditional radio premieres of an album release. And look whose next to jump on the bandwagon...R.E.M.

Their new album, Accelerate will be officially launched April 1, 2008 but before that, would actually debut on social networking sites with the iLike application (yes, that includes Facebook). Facebook members will be able to stream and share the album beginning March 24 people! So jot that down on your post-it notes folks. You'll also gain access to exclusive footage of the band talking about their album.

So, watch out for this legendary band's 14th album.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Revival of Butterfingers

The boys are back and the word's out that Butterfingers will be releasing their new album come July this year. Specifically, the launch would be on 060708 (I think its due to Loque's studies back in the States who will only return to Malaysia then to promote the album).

This time around, from a source at, the album would be distributed via the internet. Still have no idea if it's a malay skewed or english skewed album...either way it goes, I'm sure most of us will anticipate a rocking Butterfingers album.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Sunburst KL schedule

By the way folks...those attending or are thinking of attending this huge event in a couple of weeks time might find this schedule handy. Have fun!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kanye West - Flashing Lights

Now, I'm not sure if we in Malaysia have actually had a peek of Kanye's Flashing Lights video. But here it goes folks (on the right side of this page). Now, some have brought up thoughts that this is a 'scary video' - a girl starts stripping down outdoors, burns her fur coat, pulls out a shovel and stabs a dude who is in the car trunk (was that Kanye in the trunk?). Well... ain't that the sh*te. Scary and seductive it is then. Scary 'cuz you never know who you'll pick up at a bar, scary because even seduction could kill. Scary because a man's mind is weak too fall for all that.

My second post on One Republic

My last post on One Republic was two years ago on September 2006. And today...well, not today today, but a few months ago, they've finally gotten justice on the airwaves. Apologise was basically the sing-along-song for everyone.

But here's the thing. Would the band have gotten this far without the help of Timbaland? Listen to the difference between Timbaland's version of Apologise and One Republic's. All I hear the former do is just more bass and his voice that goes "ayy, ayy, ayy". Now, I know music taste is a subjective manner but honestly did that really bring One Republic where it is today?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Yes, Yes...F1 season is back and so are the F1 parties

So here we go. Formula One Race season is back and as usual, so are the F1 parties and events that just cannot part with it. It's just one of those occasions where advertisers and sponsors do the same old stuff each time we near race season (yawn!). Oh how i yearn for something new.

Anyway, let's see what's EXCITING this time round in Malaysia as we welcome the whole entourage of pit crew, drivers, engineers, etc. to Sepang come March 23, 2008.

Johnnie Walker - Black Circuit Paddock Party (22.03.08) for Team McLaren
RM40 @ Zouk KL featuring Dj Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire
p.s. cool site

Toyota Speedzone Tour 08 (22.03.08) for Team Toyota
RM33 @ KL Tower featuring Mauro Picotto, Matt Hardwick, Jon Carter, Gianluca Fucile and Joey G

BMW Pit Lounge (19.03.08) for Team BMW Sauber
All I gather is that they've got a demo at Jalan Bijai, KL, a DJ from new York, and a meet-and greet session with the drivers. Their site wasn't informative enough. It just put me off.

Coldplay goes Cold and Dark on next album?

Darker lyrics, prominent percussions and a lower key voice will be the music template for Coldplay's fourth album, due out in May, 2008. Now, question is... will this change the destiny of the band? Were they not glad about the outcome of their 'trilogy' albums? Are they certain that the fans want this new canvas of 'artistic' craft they serve?

We'll just have to wait and see...