Monday, November 10, 2008

Levi's Big Bash Party

Featuring Estranged, T-Bone, Deja Voodoo, and more. If you're going, tell me how it was...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Power Song of the Month: Black Betty

I've decided to add a little more spunk to this blog. From now on, I'll be sharing my 2 cents worth of a 'power song' each month. What's a 'power song' you ask? Well, I'll put it this way...a track that's somewhat revolutionized the music industry over time (be it classics or modern), or a track that has affected lives of many (socially, politically) or on a lighter side, songs that have been covered numerously by various artists.

For November, it's Black Betty! A song that some might vouch, has been around ever since the 1930s. There has been 21 cover versions of this song and yet no definite interpretation of what the song exactly means. Some sources say it's about a lady and her child, and some say its about a bottle of whisky (a common term used in England/Scotland).

Well, whatever it means, the song's got 'life'. It makes a good motivation song for designers, writers, and for the gym even. Many favour the version done by Ram Jam. For me...the bomb's the one from Spiderbait.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

This is E.I.D.R. by MGMT

Ben Goldwasser and Andrew Vanwyngarden form this trippy-funky-rocky-like genre called MGMT. What does MGMT mean? Well, they originally called themselves Management, but opted for MGMT instead. Formed in 2002 in New York, these lads' sounds are recognizable anywhere - the sounds of what's called Electronic Indie Dance Rock (E.I.D.R). You may have heard one of their tracks in the movie 21, called "Time to Pretend". My current favourite - "Kids" which kinda gives me that 80's almost Depeche Mode like feel.

Very worth checking out.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Dido - Makes a Trip Back

Safe Trip Home. That's the title of Dido's new album due 17 November '08. Based on this promo song, she still seems to have her same style (which I personally like). Fingers crossed there.