Thursday, August 24, 2006

Still Fantasy. Still King of Mando-pop.

Right. Right. He's back with his 6th, 7th album? 7th full-album I think. Yes, yes. Titled Still Fantasy, it'll be released on 8 September 2006. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever get sick of his stuff. I mean you gotta admit it's all sappy love songs....but damn man he's a talented lyricist.

The significance of this album would be him teaming up with veteran Taiwanese singer, Fei Yu Ching (the dude who sang "The Song of the Republic of China"). I saw Fei on TV just a couple of days ago. He had this show where he performed a few numbers with many Chinese singers. Man, he can sing...a very technical singer from what I've heard. Both music giants will portay their talents in probably the first single of the album, A Thousand Miles Away (Qian Li Zhi Wai) which was premiered on August 23.

Well, I guess as always, the album's gonna be a hit. So keep a lookout!

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