Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Panic Channel

Right. Just in case you didn't know...this outfit consists of 3 Jane's Addicton members and a fresh talent who used to be in Skycycle. Drumroll please..... Presentingggg Dave Navarro(guitar), Chris Chaney(bass), Stephen Perkins(drums), and Steve Isaacs!

The Panic Channel's debut album, (ONe) is out in stores now. It's said to be packed with variety of styles...and probably away from the experimental touch. Well, maybe a pinch of it, I feel.

Two singles out, one for the radio: Why Cry and one for the beloved internet: Teahouse of the Spirits. The latter being a more edgy track and sounding like a real race car song! Why Cry is my current favourite. It's ballad like. Vocally, dynamic. A similar number to that would be She Won't Last. I love the guitar works on this one. It's mesmerizing.

This here, ladies and a fantastic rock band. Diverse. Dynamic and spirited to rock on! Click on their banner to visit their very very informative site.

My album rating: 6/10

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