Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Cheesy lyrics are getting moldy

I was on the way to work today, and the 'oh-gosh-he's-so-hot' Chris Brown's 'With You' was playing on the car stereo. At first, yeah, tune was easy listening but when it came to part of a song when he sang "..."cause if I got you, I don't need money, I don't need cars..." I immediately switched to another station.

Point here is, why are artists still using such cheesy lines? I could understand that lyrics sort of have a creative license of exegeration, but puke puke man, when it comes to same old cheesy lines - "i'd die for you", "i don't need money if I had you" - you wouldn't be by the girl of your dreams if you died to begin with...you wouldn't have enough money to buy a decent meal for yourself let alone a date if you didn't need money.

Honestly, I hope the day would come when artist or songwriters write lyrics that open a refreshing thought and not serve listeners with 'moldy cheese'.

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