Tuesday, April 01, 2008

14 Years without Kurt Cobain

I still reminisce the times i first picked up my guitar...the first song i ever played on a 6-string was 'About a Girl'. Then came 'Come as you Are', 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', 'Lithium'....the list goes on. Nirvana was an inspiration to many. They were the cause of our embrace to the Grunge Era, and poetry.

On 5th April 1994, 14 years ago...we were shocked when we heard the news. He was gone. He left us. His pain was unbearable. But here's to you Kurt...we raise our axes and salute you as you rock the heck out of the angels.

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Nicholas said...

Man. It time I dust off my collection on him since I know of the band. Of course after his death, my collection went M.A.D

I have all the biographies/books sold world wide minus 2 - The scans of all this diary/scrap books - which I found offending to own one. That's his personal shit man. The other was just plain expensive (Screw those a**holes) who are trying to make 2 bucks out of it rather than a buck.

All the CDs... great times that will not be replicated by the lesser beings you find these days in the industry.