Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fish Leong - Kissin the Future of Love

I would say that Fish's new album, Kissing the Future of Love (親親) is what you should be listening to on an easy weekend. Some of the tracks are ‘cute’. The marriage of guitar-violin works and her sweet vocals are perfect. The whole album gives me a feeling of bedroom-made songs. It's like 'dreamy' in a sense. Oh, and there’s a Hokkien track to! Good stuff. Out in stores now.

My favourite tracks are Nuan Nuan" (暖暖), Xing Fu Yang Guo Zi Dian" (幸福洋菓子店), and Fei Yu" (飛魚).

My Rating: 6/10

Track Listing:
•Si Ji" (四季)
•Nuan Nuan" (暖暖)
•Ke Le Jie Zhi" (可乐戒指)
•Shi Yi" (失忆)
•Qin Qin" (亲亲)
•Xing Fu Yang Guo Zi Dian" (幸福洋菓子店)
•Xiao Shou La Da Shou" (小手拉大手)
•Fei Yu" (飛魚)
•Bu Shi Wo Bu Ming Bai" (不是我不明白)
•Xiao Xin Yan" (小心眼)
•Han Guo Tou" (憨过头)
•Xu" (序)

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