Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ryan Hui follows father's footsteps

Son of Sam (Sam Hui that is) , Ryan Hui is out with his solo album entitled RYANEP. Now, what really got me interested into reviewing this lad was actually his japanase sleeve tatoo (saw it in a magazine) so I figured, we hardly see canto singers with exposed tats, so why not review Ryan). His EP was released 10 August 2006 and he's currently doing shows around Hong Kong, more details can be found at his site: www.ryanhuimusic.com.

Well, from what I've listened - In My Mind is mind blowing in a sense that it has that Greenday like riff and melody. You know, the muted riffs in verses and full fledged distortion guitarworks in the Chorus. If you ask me, it's got that Western touch to it.

On Her Own is a little mainstream, ballad-like number. I won't be surprised if this is already a favourite. Nice violins at the background. But somehow, the energy of Ryan's voice can't be felt.

Another number - Black Clouds... I like the indie feel to it. Sounds a little Taking Back Sunday woithout the screams.

All in all, pretty good stuff.
My Rating 5/10

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