Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Offspring - An Album After Close to 5 Years

"Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace" seems to be one of the most highly downloaded torrents that I came across today. I can only hope that The Offspring has left their commercial hits like Pretty Fly for a White Guy 'smashed' and buried.

Almost 5 years of absence, and Dexter and the boys are finally out with an eighth studio album, produced by the master Bob Rock (Metallica, Motley Crue, The Cult, Skid Row).

Ah lookie complete! .........

Alright. Here's the lowdown on each track.
1) Half-Truism
Sounds patriotic with that oh so sweet sound of The Offspring
2) Trust in You
Nice guitar playing by Noodles, putting some nice effects to good use. it's got that familiar sounds from the Smash album.
3) You're Going Far, Kid
Doesn't really sound like a typical track from Offspring but sure sounds 'moshing'
4) Hammerhead
This sounds like The Offspring i know, what's odd is there's a part where Dexter sounds like STP in Big Bang Baby. Love the intro. A song about war for sure - "I am the one camouflaged in guns, risk my life to keep my people from harm"
5) A Lot Like Me
A bad idea for the intro and verse. Trying something new with the piano?
6) Takes Me Nowhere
Don't think this track will take them anywhere
7) Kristy Are You Okay?
This one has commercial value
8) Nothingtown
It's a sing-a-long song
9) Stuff is Messed Up
I have no idea why, but when they start going "" it reminds me of Marilyn Manson
10) Fix You
Going sentimental now are we?
11) Let's Hear it for Rock Bottom
Very fresh, very nice. Love that fuck ala 311 verse riff
12) Rise and Fall's ok
13) O.C. Life (Hidden Track)

All in all, I wished they had riffs that stood out more. But I'll have to say, the band did discover themselves 'cuz they really sound different in this one. I'll buy this legally anyday!

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