Thursday, October 11, 2007

Radiohead's 7th album with 7 rainbow colours

I'm just amazed with the way bands market their album launches these days. Take Radiohead. Their 7th studio album, In Rainbows was released just yesterday (10th October, 2007) in digital mp3 but will be in a disc box which will have an additional CD in December ( I don't quite know what's in it yet). We'll most likely to find the album in store shelves January next year. Here's the thing folks... they ain't using any record labels but instead, released their album via their website.

Now on to the tracks, they still sound pretty experimental but one track that grabs me is 'Nude'. All in all, I love it. I love it that they're still together. I love it that Thom still has it in him.

Album rating: 7/10

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