Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Pumpkins are Back but are they Smashing and Rocking?

They're back but this time with 2 new names joining the crew, replacing Iha and Auf De Maur. We welcome second guitarist, Jeff Schroeder and new bassist Ginger Reyes.

The new album (due 10 July) is called Zeitgeist (Reprise Records). And what does Zeitgeist mean? It's a German expression that means 'the spirit of the age'. So let's see if these Pumpkins have what it takes for this age's music taste.

So, here's the tracklist folks! The Pumpkins are back!
1. Doomsday Clock
2. 7 Shades of Black
3. Bleeding the Orchid
4. That¹s the Way (my Love is)
5. Tarantula - *First Single
6. Starz
7. United States
8. Neverlost
9. Bring the Light
10. (Come on) Let¹s Go!
11. For God and Country
12. Pomp and Circumstances

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