Monday, March 05, 2007

ASH - New Album out soon!

Finally! A new album. Y'all remmeber Ash right? Ya' know, Girl From Mars, Goldfinger...yeah anyway, they've got a new album coming up. No official name mentioned yet, it's all hush hush. But Tim Wheeler has announced the lead single to be You Can't Have It All. According to him, "it's a bitch love song dealing with bi-popular emotions. It's got a really big driving bassline and the beat in the verses is almost dancey".

Another track described is Saskia which is said to have an Easter European feel to it. Also said to be inspired by the great Davis Bowie. Now, that's something I wanna listen too.

Already out in the internet is I Started A Fire which sounds well...not that bad. Was actually expecting more from 'em. But given the fact that they're a 3-piece outfit again, the fans may just forgive the lads. That's right, Charlotte Hatherley has left the boysin pursuit of her solo career.

Anywayz....i hope Ash feeds the fans a dose of kool bubble-gum songs if you'd like to call it that. But I'm glad the lads are back.

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